Ninedeep Women's Line

NINE DEEP CLOTHING LINE  Paul Harman, entrepreneur, founder of Nine Deep Men’s Clothing  & Owner of The Zoo Boutique started his businesses years back with a loyal crew who rolled with him “Nine Deep.”  Aside from his family & running his various ventures, he loves surfing, electric skateboarding & the occasional Jameson ;)

THE ZOO BOUTIQUE  Allows different artists to showcase & sell their work but Nine Deep Clothing Line is the main focus.  Paul coined the classic Zoo prints from leopard to cheetah and cool colors & named the boutique as so.

HOW THE WOMEN’S LINE WAS BORN I met Paul Harman when I wandered into his unique “Zoo boutique” in 2013.  He knew my acting work & hit it off.  I loved his use of vintage fabrics & unique vibe. We built a friendship & both come from the same place - good energy, surrounded by good people & believe that a quality life must be honest, kind & fun!  I wanted to wear his clothes but he only did men’s so we were like - duh!

ABOUT ME I grew up in Singapore till I was a tween, went to the SF Conservatory of music, play the Chinese Zither,  went to UCLA, won Miss Chinatown USA & Miss Asian America. The last 15 years I have built a career in acting (from American Crime, Castle, Desperate Housewives cartoons and games) & forayed into writing & now designing. For more go to

I was honored & excited when Paul invited me to design his women’s line summer of 2015 & here we are!                            







CUT:  Inspired by great tailoring in the 1940s, I designed a pattern/cut to give more proportion to a woman’s body, more angle at the shoulders, more curve at the waist and butt.

SHAPER FABRIC:  our awesome “shaper fabric” is thicker, stretchier, drapes well, is more forgiving on the tummy and other bumps, holds & lifts.  This is used in ALL our looks except for our energy line.

As an actress, the pressure to look good is always there.  I was never a “name brand” kinda gal I got smart - and learned that buying quality pieces that were really versatile was key.   And when I found pieces that were utterly unique, it shuts people up about “who you’re wearing” and more about WHO YOU ARE. Using our awesome “shaper fabric” on top of our already figure eight cuts, you are literally in good shape when you pick up one of these. Most of our vests are trimmed with silk for our collars and pockets, have an adjustable tie in the back and can be worn and layered in multiple different ways.


Why do men & women in the military look so darn good?  Structure structure structure.  Influenced by classic American red white and blue & military inspired clothing - I designed the Signature Shirt. With subtle shoulder pads, 100% wool tweed,  bronze buttons, tailored cut design & shaper fabric & neckline to wear high or open - if you want timeless, top of the line & feeling patriotic - this is it.   


 Having done three period movies when I first started acting, I got obsessed with vintage fabrics and great tailoring.  Back in the 1940s women wore well tailored suits with heavier materials that gave them a great figure 8.  Unless you are a size 0,  tissue paper thin material in the typical stores that you wear will show all the bulges you’d rather hide.  Thinner material does not make you look thinner.  Good structure does.  With our great cut, khaki & navy shaper fabric you can choose from our classic leopard or the prairie - a wink to the beauty of 1800s women’s blouses.

The wilder zoo shirts in orange, cobalt blue and burgundy are less stretchy because of limitations due to the  bolder colors.  The cut is the same which does a lot of the work, but if you have bigger boobs, or a larger waist - you might want to size up.  Don’t under estimate these shirts - when you put them on, you’ll have a spring in your step and turn heads, in a good way.  These shirts are high fun at a slightly lower price point & are great conversation pieces.


Gwendoline Yeo & Paul Harman