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Product Image SALE Classic Shaper Kaki Button Down,  Leopard Trim

SALE Classic Shaper Kaki Button Down, Leopard Trim

$ 49.00

small left - almost 30% off, no tax free shipping!

We made the most of this skew - zero returns.  Fits true to size. Up to 36B waist 27 hips 35.  U'll love it, or for a gift.  Absolutely versatile. 

Slight stretch, forgiving tummy cut.  

classics have the great cut, “shaper” American made fabric with density and stretch.  If you feel shy about your waist or belly - this is the implied Spanx effect without having you pass out.  Unless you are a size 0, tissue paper thin material in the typical stores that you wear will show all the bulges you’d rather hide. Thinner material does not make you look thinner. Good structure does. 

We believe in shopping small business, boutique hand crafted quality - every piece is hand cut and hand sewn in the USA.   All Material made in the USA, Spain & Japan.  


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